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December 2019

Do you love Christmas? Most people would say: “Yes I do!” Yet we busy ourselves with all the preparations, parties, gift-buying and even Hallmark Christmas movies and we lose sight of who and why we celebrate – the birth of the Messiah who is Christ the Lord. The Church is where we should worship the newborn King, by considering all that is told to us in the Holy Scriptures.

Away In A Manger is our Christmas series this year and is based on Scriptures relating to our Messiah’s birth, and will be brought to life in five mini-movies and messages.

The series offers the perspectives of Isaiah, who foretold Jesus’ birth, and the people who had encounters with the Messiah in a stable in Bethlehem. Mary, Joseph, a Wise Man, and a Shepherd as each recount their experience with the infant Savior. Each video in the series incorporates one of these classic Christmas hymns: Oh Come All Ye Faithful, Away In A Manger, Silent Night, Oh Holy Night, and O Come, O Come Emmanuel.


· In the middle of the night, Isaiah has a conversation with God about what God is calling him to tell the Israelites. He questions God’s plan for a baby to lead them out of exile, but trusts what he’s being asked to do, understanding that this baby will bring light and hope into the world.

· When a young shepherd visits Mary at the manger, she tells him the story of an angel visiting her to announce the coming Savior. She shares some of her fears for His future and her reverence for Jesus as she thinks about who He is and what His arrival means to the world.

· As a Shepherd sits by a fire outside the stable, he remembers something his father told him as a young boy, prompting him to search for God’s peace all his life. When he’s visited by an angel announcing the Savior’s birth, he realizes his search is complete.

· Joseph cares for Jesus in the stable and tells the story of his visit from an angel as he basks in the joy that the infant Savior brings to him.

· A Wise Man recounts his quest for nobility, only to find a newborn baby in a manger. He remembers how they bowed down in worship to the King of Kings who lay before them.


These are the accounts of those who witnessed our dear Savior’s birth. But what about you? When and where will you encounter Jesus this Christmas? My hope it is to truly receive Him into your heart. This will allow you to receive the greatest gift of hope, joy, peace and love which will make your Christmas complete this year. Come join us each week.

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Greg