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Pastors Serving at McCutchanville

A Chronological Record


The Circuit Riders
Asa D. West, 1826 Charles Slocum, 1827
Samuel Cooper, 1828 John Fox, 1829
John Ritchey, 1830-31 Enoch G. Wood, 1832-33
Cornelius Swank, 1833 Isaac Owen, 1835
Isaac McElroy, 1836 William Beharrell, 1836



Regular Ministers
Thomas G. Beharrell
(Helped organize the first church society here in
1840 and became the first regular minister)
William Atcheson
Joseph Wheeler Nathaniel Tower
Richard Wheeler William Ingle
H. O. Chapman William F. Harned
Thomas W. Jones N. M. Patterson
Edwin McJohnston --------- Myers, 1850
William Hensley, 1850-51 --------- Curran, 1851-52
Henry W. Wheeler William Ravenscroft
J. F. McCan R. L. Cushman
Levi Johnson, 1859 George W. Bower
Simon Herr John H. Clippinger, 1875
William McGinnis, 1875-77 Thomas Danks, 1877-82
John Tansey, 1882-85 Robert Baldwin, 1885-87
Samuel W. McNaughton, 1887-89 Nicholas E. Boring, 1889-92
A. A. Godby, 1892-96 S. S. Penrod, 1896-98
J. E. Fisher, 1898-1901 H. N. King, 1901-02
Grant Ferguson, 1902-04 E. A. Robertson, 1904-07
M. E. Baker, 1907-09 Jesse O. Powell, 1909-11
Lewis H. Ice, 1911-15 W. W. Simmons, 1915-17
O. E. Killion, 1917-19 Clarence A. Shake, 1919-28
William Hartsaw, 1928-31 William Thompson, 1931-34
Russell Parsley, 1934-38 Howard M. Pattison, 1938
(died soon after arrival)
Harry Thompson, 1939-40 W. R. Lynch, 1940-45
Barthol Rogers, 1945-51 Glenn Kaetzel, 1951-57
Clifford Miller, 1957-62 Ronald Mercer, 1962-67
Max Nicoson, 1967 William Francis Belmore, 1979
Charles Daniel Carroll, 1982 Maron W. Yonker, 1986 - 1990
Russell Wayne Patton, 1990 Douglas Lee Sanders, 1995
Robert W. Vestor,  2000-09 Roy Eugene Ice (associate), 2002-03
Darin Calvin Hendrey, 2009-12 Stanley Gilham, 2013-16
Greg Davis, 2016-23                          Russell Anderson 2023-


James Heady and Gene Matthews were nonresident pastors who preached on alternate Sundays during the 1950s.


These men went from membership in this church into the ministry:
Arthur Riggs
became a District Superintendent in Wisconsin
Shirley Morgan
served churches in the Indiana Conference
Kenneth Reed
became Head Chaplain at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis